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Well, I'm back-- the former sapphirewines .  I would have kept my old username, but, uh... that requires money, and I swear to God I'm never making another online transaction ever again, if at all possible.  Or at least not from overseas...

I hated leaving LiveJournal so abruptly, especially as I was just getting to know a lot of people online-- now a lot of people I'm going to have to track down.  But desperate times call for desperate measures... especially when the whole world has gone to hell.

So, to recap-- a little less than a year ago, my gorgeous UWS apartment was broken into, and I thought the only real tragedy was my laptop.  After all, my new boyfriend, Michael, proved his worth by showing a lot of support, and the laptop was the only thing of significant value missing.  Or so I thought.

As I've now found out... that wasn't the only thing missing.  Various financial records that I never would have noticed missing (i.e. one Comcast statement) disappeared as well... and combined with the unlimited access to my credit info that (I thought wasn't) was hiding in my computer, led to a MASSIVE case of identity theft.   Thus, I shut down everything with my name attached to it online (bye-bye LJ, e-mail, Facebook), and have spent the past several months fighting the thieves in court.  Yes, it's a miracle they found them so fast.  How, might you say?  Well, I have really bad taste in men.  As in, my ex-fiance was the one behind this whole mess.  Note to oblivious men out there:  Never use the same password when trying to screw over your ex, as you did when you were together.  Especially if the password is distinctive.  It's a dead giveway.

In the meantime, I lost absolutely everything trying to fight off the mass destruction that became my life.  All my possessions.  All my savings.  My apartment.  My job.  Everything.  And possibly including the aformentioned boyfriend. 

So what does one do when they've hit total rock bottom?  Move to Nicaragua and become a medical missionary, of course!  Or, um, well, that's what I've done... and where I am presently.  My boyfriend, Michael, is waiting in New York with an engagement ring... but I kinda figured the best way to make sure it's what we both want is to take some time apart.  And to give him some time to get used to the idea of becoming an AF husband... ;-)  Seriously contemplating joining the Air Force  in the Medical Corps when my commitment here is up.

In the meantime... I'm headed off to Haiti to help in the relief effort on my few days off.  I'll be overseas for the next few months... I'd love to get (re)acquainted with people back in the States!  




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